Gran Turismo Rally
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Beginner Level

Level: 10

Maximum Power: 245

The rules for Gran Turismo's Rallies are self-explanatory. As we can see above, there is a power limit. Careful with excessive sliding, as PD has implemented time penalties for running into guardrails.

These "races" are not typical races like we'd see on tarmac. Instead, each run is done in stages, and we must best the time of our opponents. This means we've got an empty track to fly around, and we don't have to worry about running into anybody.  

Notice that as we drive, we've got a co-driver next to us. That is apparently the dude with the British accent we hear, telling us what's coming up next, and how badly (or well) we're doing as we drive.

There are presently no weight-to-power ratios for these stages. I've found that putting my car near the power limit (within about 10 hp) is enough of a restriction as it is, especially if the car being driven is not an all-wheel drive. Cars which are 2,700 pounds or less can be used for best results. 

If you're skooling the opponents in your STi or whatever, try driving something with a front engine/rear-drive layout. If that gets too easy, try front engine/front-drive. 

Now comes opinion time. >:) These races are probably more realistic than what we've seen in previous Gran Turismo rallies. They are probably closer to how things are done in real-life. GT5's rallies aren't nearly as daring or fun as what's in GT2 or GT4, especially. Never is there a sense of "oh sh!t I'd better hurry up!" in the GT5 versions, like we had at Tahiti Maze, Grand Canyon, and other such nail-biter tracks.
The crowd-cheering noises are annoying as hell, too.       

Fine Gravel Rally / Sunday Gravel
There are three races which all take place in stages on one day, by the time we've reached the last stage, it's the end of the day apparently. The sun is going down. Three opponents are randomly chosen, all of them driving front-drive cars, but we don't have this restriction.

Be warned. The first stage is easy as pie, since the turns we'll need to make are gentle. But each stage does get harder.

One of the things that's annoying is we can't do any sort of practice runs of these stages. So the best way to get to know the limits of your car is to simply to some laps at Toscana.

Dirt Tires (durrr)

Close-ratio transmission
for some cars. (5 or 6-speed...depending on the car) with an assortment of drivetrain parts. Some cars can use stock gearing. For all three tracks of the Beginner section, you'll want to be able to get up to 130 mph.

Limited-slip device for some cars which lose traction or need some stability.

Suspension parts can vary, but I've never needed anything more than stock or fixed sport parts.


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